Responsive web designs

Mobile-First isn't just a 'nice to have' for good web presence any more. More than ever your audience's expectations are on par with some of the best applications and services available. However that shouldn't be a barrier for entry for a great idea. Your website can make an impact and reach your audience by leveraging my skills and experience. Many brands have trusted me with their identities and product design. Together we can build the next big thing!


User Experience Design

Put your users first! My design method starts by focusing on what counts... the user. Building the best possible user experience involves demographic research, user testing, user story generation, journey mapping, and analysis, that together drives design iteration. I design wireframes and prototypes to help stake holders and developers better communicate and understand their customers needs.

Application Design

Working at an application design agency for three years in the US give me practical experience designing mobile and web applications. There I designed and prototyped an HTML5/JavaScript mobile web app for large scale events and designed touch screen interfaces for ecologically intelligent building management systems.

Brand Identity Design

First impressions count. Your brand is the first line of communication you have with your audience. Here are a few examples of logo design and product identity design from past clients.

Let's Talk

I'm currently working in Berlin Germany - one of the most inspiring and exciting tech-startup communities in Europe. Whether you're looking to give your site a fresh new look, or take an existing site and give it a responsive-web overhaul - I'm interested in hearing about your ideas, lets connect!